Slightly inappropriate dishtowel

I made a couple dishtowels, but now I’m afraid to use them because I might mess them up 🙂 Sigh. I used white Robert Kaufman Essex Linen, which was wonderful to work with. I cut them 17”x25”, turned up the edges a couple times (ironing each time, of course), mitered the corners, and topstitched. The second one turned out much better than the first one – I have to remember to keep my edges pretty small. Anything more than about a quarter inch starts to look funky. I’m working on another set — I’ll show the corners on those in a later post. I forgot to take photos of the whole towels for these…



The first one I made is Teodor from the comic strip Achewood. (Sorry about the funky shadows in the photo.) The creator of Achewood tweeted this drawing, and it was so awesome I had to embroider it. It’s just backstitch and stem stitch, and I love it.

red flower dish towel

Scandinavian-inspired flower

The second design is from Scandinavian Stitchcraft by Karin Holmberg. The book is really well done and has a lot of lovely embroidery designs and projects. It’s great inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, this is amazing, via Art is a Way blog…