Brown silk chiffon blouse, Simplicity 1693


I still haven’t worn this top yet… It’s brown silk chiffon in a sort of snake print (?), I guess. I got the silk from Thai Silks in Los Altos — my favorite silk source. I need to see patterns in person. I can never get a good sense of scale online, and I’ve ended up buying some really funky fabric over the years that has HUGE patterns when I thought it would be a fairly small pattern (and actually, you know, WEARABLE).

Simplicity 1693 pattern

I used Simplicity 1693, view B, which is a TNT (tried ‘n’ true) pattern for me. It has cute fluttery sleeves and fits nicely — not boxy at all. I used French seams since the fabric is sheer, and did the neck and sleeve binding and the hem by hand. I made the binding from brown silk shantung that I had in my stash.


Does this count as snake print? I can’t decide. It’s not quite, but I don’t know how else to describe it… Anyway, cute top, turned out nicely, made a couple months ago when it was still warm, and yet I still haven’t worn it. I have no idea why. Now I’ll have to wait till spring, unless I get creative with layers…


Silk chiffon skulls tank, Simplicity 1693

I love this fabric — sheer silk chiffon with little smiling skulls, bought at Thai Silks in Los Altos, CA. I used it for Simplicity 1693, view F, which is a simple tank with a high-low hem.



I made bias binding out of the same fabric, and finished the bias and the hem by hand. Since it’s sheer, I used French seams. The shoulder straps were a little wide when I tried it on, so I added a little vertical pleat to make them narrower. I like the way it looks, so I’ll probably do that next time I use this pattern, too. If I don’t do the pleat, I’ll have to take about half an inch out of the center so it doesn’t sit so far out on my shoulders and gape at the neckline.


I thought people at work would give me crap about the skulls, but no one said a word. One person kind of frowned at it, though… I think I might be able to wear it on milder days this winter under a jacket. Not sure — work has been freezing lately, so I need about 3 layers. Maybe if I add a scarf?


Embroidered Pincushions



I need pattern weights. I’ve been using some old, rusting paint tins as weights, and they’re really just not cute. My original plan was to make some really quick weights filled with beans or something, but then I saw (and bought) the book “Super Cute Pincushions” at the bookstore. Pincushions are way more useful than tiny bean bags. I have a few small embroideries completed, so I stitched some pincushions up using quilting scraps for the back. These are all filled with fine sand, so they have some heft for keeping patterns in place, but I’ll get a lot more use out of them as pincushions — and my pins will stay nice and sharp.

I haven’t made such small circular things before. I definitely need to work on my curves. My uterus is especially wonky… Well, not MY uterus — I’m sure that’s fine. I also found out that I hate embroidering on felt. HATE. It feels gushy and weird. The only one on felt is the skull — the others are regular fabric, which works just fine. No more felt.

I’ll be making more of these — “Super-Cute Pincushions” has a ton of great patterns I still need to embroider 🙂