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Hi everyone, and happy new year! I just wanted to let you know that I’m now blogging over at, to align with my business name and Etsy store. Come join me!


Slightly inappropriate dishtowel

I made a couple dishtowels, but now I’m afraid to use them because I might mess them up 🙂 Sigh. I used white Robert Kaufman Essex Linen, which was wonderful to work with. I cut them 17”x25”, turned up the edges a couple times (ironing each time, of course), mitered the corners, and topstitched. The second one turned out much better than the first one – I have to remember to keep my edges pretty small. Anything more than about a quarter inch starts to look funky. I’m working on another set — I’ll show the corners on those in a later post. I forgot to take photos of the whole towels for these…



The first one I made is Teodor from the comic strip Achewood. (Sorry about the funky shadows in the photo.) The creator of Achewood tweeted this drawing, and it was so awesome I had to embroider it. It’s just backstitch and stem stitch, and I love it.

red flower dish towel

Scandinavian-inspired flower

The second design is from Scandinavian Stitchcraft by Karin Holmberg. The book is really well done and has a lot of lovely embroidery designs and projects. It’s great inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, this is amazing, via Art is a Way blog…

New PJs!

I started the new year with an easy project. My favorite pajama pants ripped and weren’t fixable, so I made a new pair. I picked up some soft cotton shirting on sale from Jo-Ann and the newly released pattern Simplicity 1502. I made view E, but I’ll probably try the top in the future — it looks super comfy.

Simplicity 1502

The last time I tried PJs, I forgot to check the finished garment measurements and they ended up being GIGANTIC. I could’ve fit two of me in them. The waistband was too wide and really bunchy and gross. It was kind of sad and embarrassing. So this time I checked the finished measurements before starting (duh) and made a size smaller than the recommended size so there wouldn’t be too much ease. And the waistband is nice and narrow and not gross looking 🙂

blue stripe pjs


blue stripe closeup

Obligatory fabric closeup

I got these done in less than an hour and a half – sewed and serged the seams, wasitband, and bottoms of the legs, then just turned down the waistband elastic casing and the hems and topstitched. Threaded the elastic through and topstitched the little opening, and I was done. Super easy, and they turned out cute enough that I decided I needed another pair. I went back to Jo-Ann and got a soft plaid cotton shirting (still on sale!) and did another pair the next day.

plaid closeup

Plaid fabric for PJs #2

On a separate note, did you see this NYT article about the US textile industry? It’s really interesting – definitely worth the read.