Peacock Kindle case

peacock kindle case

Peacock Kindle case

This is a really simple Kindle slipcover I made. I drew the peacock based on a Henna design and embroidered it using mostly backstitches. It’s pretty basic — just the front and back pieces, lining, and a layer of batting to give it some solidity. The top is open and you slip the Kindle in. I thought about adding a piece of cardboard between the batting and the lining so the screen would be more protected. But I forgot. So I didn’t. I’m not really worried about it, though; I used to just throw my Kindle in my bag with no cover at all, so this is a couple steps up from that.

peacock tail closeup

Peacock tail closeup

The tail is 2 strands of peacock blue floss mixed with 2 strands of light green floss for a total of 4 strands, then embroidered in backstitches in a tight brick pattern. I outlined each feather section in one strand of the same dark blue thread as the bird’s body. The tail looked a little dark once I finished, so I added pearly white seed beads to the eyes of the feathers.

Kindle case back

Kindle case back

The back is some Japanese quilting cotton that I’ve had in my stash for a few years. It’s hard to see the color in the photo, but it’s dark blue shaded to black with gold wave patterns.

peacock kindle case bird

I think I should have used just 2 strands of floss for the peacock itself — it looks a little heavy, I think. The eye is the light green, but you can’t see it very well because of the thicker thread around it. Overall, I’m really happy with it, though.


Sea monster!


17th century marine Pig-Dog

I drew this little guy based on a sea monster on a 17th century map — he’s described as a “Marine Pig-Dog”. Once I got the drawing right, I transferred it from paper onto cotton using a Pilot Frixion pen. Have you seen these? They’re awesome — the lines disappear when you iron or just steam the fabric. I then embroidered him using basic back stitches and French knots for the eyes.


Pig-Dog is ready for his close-up

I’m really happy with how he turned out! I feel like he needs a real name, though. Is he a Karl? George? Maybe he’s a Zeke…


Embroidered Pincushions



I need pattern weights. I’ve been using some old, rusting paint tins as weights, and they’re really just not cute. My original plan was to make some really quick weights filled with beans or something, but then I saw (and bought) the book “Super Cute Pincushions” at the bookstore. Pincushions are way more useful than tiny bean bags. I have a few small embroideries completed, so I stitched some pincushions up using quilting scraps for the back. These are all filled with fine sand, so they have some heft for keeping patterns in place, but I’ll get a lot more use out of them as pincushions — and my pins will stay nice and sharp.

I haven’t made such small circular things before. I definitely need to work on my curves. My uterus is especially wonky… Well, not MY uterus — I’m sure that’s fine. I also found out that I hate embroidering on felt. HATE. It feels gushy and weird. The only one on felt is the skull — the others are regular fabric, which works just fine. No more felt.

I’ll be making more of these — “Super-Cute Pincushions” has a ton of great patterns I still need to embroider 🙂